Its liberating. Not only for the person who is being forgiven but also for the one who decides to put his ego behind and forgive.

Letting go will set you free, I promise. Forgiving doesn’t mean you betray your self and your feelings on the contrary it means that you respect them that much that you want to protect them. Protect your inner peace, protect your mind from being poisoned.

You can forgive but still not forget. Not forget the lessons you learnt, how much stronger you got or how proud you made yourself, but letting go, the anger, the rage, the sadness and the disappointment .

And no forgiving is not the easy way, it is the hardest but it is the only way that you can actually move on. Don’t you want those bad feelings to be over?

I don’t know if you reading it, are the one who needs to apologise to someone you treated badly or if you are the one who has to forgive, but both of you deserve some inner peace.

” The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” Gandhi

Grateful for u reading it.

Alexandra xxx

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instagram: @alexandra.trianta


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