Times are weird, I don’t know if you feel me but if you don’t please consider yourself lucky. But if you know how i feel let’s talk about this.

I think it is almost a year that we are dealing with coronavirus. Who am I kidding, coronavirus is dealing with us. I was watching a movie that took place before the outbreak and it showed a scene where there was a street filled with people walking around. I instanlty felt uncomfortable and scared for them as they were on a high risk of being infected. There were scenes with people enjoying themselves in bars and restarants, huging, talking and in gereral doing things that we all used to do. You know things that were normal until they weren’t.

I remember myself thinking around March that there was no way this could last even until summer and guess what it is January 2021 and it is called COVID-19 and yes it is still considered breaking news. I mean do you see the end because sometimes I don’t and does it have a good ending? Should we be hopeful now with the vaccine or should we be scared? Should we rely on them or on our immune system? So many questions but still no answers.

Hopefully better days are coming.

Grateful for you reading it.




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