Hi, Welcome to Plovdiv!

Let’s hang out together this weekend, I promise u it will be fun.

I finally got to Plovdiv and I got to see my friends after 7 months. Yes you guessed correctly, things got wild!

But anyways, I wanted to show you what a weekend with no college but with coronavirus looks like, enjoy.


We decided to go firstly to an amazing restaurant and then go to ”Kapana” for a glass of Rosé, actually that was my desire (spoiler: no Rosé that day) .

”Kapana” is the center of Plovdiv in case you don’t know.

STORYTIME #1 : On the picture bellow you can see my friend Andrea and some red wine. Let me tell you what went down that day: I was saying all day that I wanted to drink Rosé cause in Plovdiv Rosé wines are incredible. I wasn’t hungry in the restaurant so I decided to wait for my drink after dinner. Well we got lucky as there was only one table available in the bar area so we decided to take advantage of that. We ordered right way but they told us that there was no Rosé so unfortunately we had to go with white wine. The problem is that after that we went to the bathroom and when we came back the white wine had swapped for red wine as my friend confused red and white in bulgarian. That was fun! ( the red wine wasn’t drinkable)


The plan was to go for a walk in the park and then I had made a reservation to my all time favourite restaurant to have dinner with some friends.

STORYTIME #2 :On the picture above you see me in the correct restaurant, now let me tell you what happened this time : I had made a reservation to a restaurant and I gave my first name as my surname is greek so its hard for the bulgarian people to pronounce. Every street in the center looks the same to me which is not ideal, trust me. We arrived to the ” restaurant” and I said that I had made a reservation so they told us to go upstairs. Well, while we were looking at the menus my phone rung and it was a woman telling me that I had a resservation. I anwered that I was already there and she apologised. That’s when it hit me and realised that we weren’t in the correct restaurant. We left kind of running and laughing and in the end we got lost but thank god we found the restaurant. We said to the waitress what happend and she laughed.


Sunday funday, that’s what they say and I agree.

We went to the center again, I know shocking. But as you can see in the pictures bellow it is a total beauty so we had to.

We walked in the park till our feets were hurting and then we visited the Old town.

We had dinner in a beautiful restaurant but unfortunatelly i got no pictures. Next time, promise.

After all that on Sunday we finally went for a Rosé which was amazing and then went home.

That was my weekend and I hope you found that blog post interesting. I loved making it and I hope you loved reading it. Let me know in the comments bellow if you would like more blog posts like this.

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