This blog post idea came to my mind in the last minute. I was talking to my friend and she was telling me about the influence social media have on her. We realised that our point of view on social media differs.

She was strongly saying that generally social media can cause you anxiety and pointless stress. She even mentioned that she joined social media at a very young age which made her even more vulnerable as she wasn’t old enough to realise that social media are not real life. She was spending too much time thinking about her next post, the comments she would get or the likes that she might wouldn’t get. She believes that she wasted her time doing something pointless when she could be doing something with a meaning, inspiring.

On the other hand, I consider social media as an expression tool. A tool that can help you show your different aesthetic, personallity and can actually boost your curiosity. People with different styles got the opportunity to get involved in many fashion-lifestyle-beauty industries that if it wasn’t for social media they might wouldn’t have been successful. Lastly, noone can deny the fact that we can get informed on topics that we might wouldn’t see on a TV. Users decide what global issues need to be heard and not what media think we need to hear.

So after all this time analysing the role of social media in our lives I m just wondering if the only thing that you are getting out of social media is stress, anxiety and depression, why would you still want to get involved? Is it because everyone is on social media and you just don’t want to miss out or is it because you don’t really pay attention on what you really like? Maybe my friend was right and we do need to unfollow instagram.

Grateful for you reading it.

Alexandra xxx

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  1. Very well said! Just because everyone has and waste theri time on social medias doesn’t mean we have to do it too. Like you said, it can be used for so many fruitfull things instead of just chatting and keeping status.


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