Who is the multitasking generation? Us.

Nowdays being able to do many tasks at the same time is an advantage. You’ll get hired because of that, you will save time because of that, you will save a patient because of that. But you know what? You will waste your life because of that too.

I want you to close your eyes right now and think about your day, the day you are reading this. How many times you did nothing. You sat down and you did literally nothing. I want you to think when was the last time you sat down with yourself and just looked around you.

For our generation is so weird to be in the middle of the road and just look around without checking our phone, without doing something at the same time. I’ve noticed how many times while I’m walking I’be replying to text messages and won’t be enjoying the scenery.

We do not enjoy the moments and we leave them slip away from us cause we are thinking about our next move, our next task and before we know it, we will probably be successful in whatever area we want to, but we will not have enjoyed the ride.

It is hardbreaking and unfortunately we don’t do much to change it. So please from now on take advantage of every second and inspire yourself.

Grateful for you reading it


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