Hello everyone, If this is not your first time here, welcome back nice to see you again. But if this is your first time, welcome I’m Alexandra and I’m happy to meet you, hopefully you’ll stick around. A question that I always get when my blog is brought up in a conversation is why I started it, more like a storytime. Thus, I’ve decided that is about time to tell the whole story so get cozy.

The truth is that I always wanted to do more activities than just studying medicine. I knew I had one more passion but I couldn’t realise what it was. The feeling intensified during quarantine so I knew i had to take action. I was talking to my friends about the urge to do something and at some point I decided to start a brand new account on instagram just to find out where it could lead me. That instagram account is the current @doubleshotvanilla.alex but back in the days it started with the name @lemon.cake .

I was firslty posting pictures that were inspiring me but at some point I got bored so I knew that my passion wasn’t found yet. I was feeling lost in my head as I couldn’t understand what my heart was trying to tell me. I was talking to my best friend about my issue and she was trying her best to help me realise what was the thing I wanted to do but I couldn’t say it loudly.

I was getting mad at myself cause I couldn’t be honest so I decided to pay attention to school for a little while. At some point while I was sleeping at night I got the idea about blogging and the next morning when I woke up I was like ” This is it!”.

I spent the whole next day searching information about how I could make this work, what was needed and what I had to do to get the best outcome. And trust me before I knew it I had all the inforamtion I needed to meet my new passion. The exact same day I called my best friend and I told her what I was up to and she was in love with the idea. The following week was one of my favourite weeks as I started creating, designing and falling in love with the website I was making. I had a vission and I just knew what I wanted so nothing could have stopped me. I kept my little project as a secret from even my family as I didn’t want any distractions. I was working on it more than a month and I was just so happy.

The hardest part was finding the name. I spent weeks trying to find the best name that could describe me. It had to be short, unique but mostly it had to be me. I had countless ideas but none of them were the one I was looking. Wherever I was going I was trying to find signs that the universe-God was sending me. My best friend was trying to help me as everyday I was getting even more dissapointed. In the very last minute we were making lists of words that were descibing me like avocado as my breakfast was always avocado toast, lemon cake for being sweet and sour and at some point we got to coffee. If you know me you know the love I have for coffee. So my friend suggested ” A cup of coffee” and I was so frustrated and hopeless that I responded with humor and irony ” Yes maybe I should name it Double Shot Vanilla” ( My coffee order is cappuccino with a double shot vanilla). My friend liked it but I wasn’t even talking seriously. Later that day I went for a run and I just kept thinking about it. The more I was thinking about it the more I was loving it. It had to do with coffee which is 100% me, vanilla for being nice and sweet (hopefully) and double shot as I always trying to live my life to the fullest. So yes ” Double Shot Vanilla ” became my little baby.

Before I knew it it was ready, I had found topics that I wanted to share and I was ready to announce it. I’ll never forget how excited and happy I was! Three days before the official announcemet I told to my family and the truth is they weren’t even that excited (in the begining) but I was anyways so thrilled that I couldn’t care less.

The official announcement day I actually went out with my mom so I had no access to see the statistics. When I got back home the amount of people that checked it out was INSANE , I can’t even describe the text messages and the love I got and still getting. I’m beyond grateful for everyone who is reading my blog posts. Trully.

That was my story. Actually it was a story telling you what is possible to happen If you are true to yourself and not care about what other people think because in the end that’s all it matters.

So Grateful for u reading it.



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