If you are wondering if studying abroad is for you and you are just trying to find more information about it online, then you are on the right page! Keep on reading cause my friends are telling you exactly what’s like.

1. Eleonora, from Italy to Plovdiv

“When I went to Plovdiv I didn’t know the language, the culture and in general I had no clue of what to expect. It was a difficult and amazing experience in which I grew up so much and understood not only the bulganian culture but many more as I made friends from all around the world. I met so many Greek people who were always very welcoming, I also met Italian people that later became my family. It might was a difficult experience, but at the same time it was an experence that I will never forget! I am thankful to all the people who were part of it and made this year one of the best ones. Thank you.”

2. Michalis, from Greece to Switzerland

”The most important thing but also interesting in this experience was the cultural diversity that you have to deal with. I stayed 1 year abroad and I can say that missing Greece was expected. I was living in a place called CAUX Palace and undeniably it can be characterised as a fairytale place! Everything was magical, the people, the view. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to study abroad to just to do it because trust me it will be the most unique experience in your life. ”

3. Selena, from Germany to Plovdiv

” At the beginning It is hard to study abroad. New country, new language, new people e.t.c everything is new. It is not easy to adapt in the new environment, but if you find good people around you, you can enjoy every new experience. You need to feel comfortable. Furthermore, you are becoming independent which is also very exciting. You will miss your family and friends in your hometown, but it is a wonderful next step for yourself.”

4. Zoe, from Greece to Cyprus

”Studying abroad it’s one of the biggest opportunities you’ll have in your entire life. Meeting people form all over the world, sharing experiences, learning new cultures but most of all making long lasting friendships. However, studying in a different country could be challenging at times. Being away from your family, your home, out of your comfort zone and learning to live on a different environment can be scary at the beginning. But every beginning has its difficult side right?
But as soon as you get used to it, you’ll love it!
Studying abroad makes you more mature, more open minded, you learn to respect every culture, to build a strong and unique character, to work with others in a team, to educate yourself more and more everyday. Being a student far away from home makes you stronger, independent, responsible but at the same time it makes you more sensitive, since you learn to respect everyone no matter where he lives, or how he looks or what his religion is. Studying abroad, can be challenging, but it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever get in your life. Enjoy the ride as long as it lasts!”

Grateful for u reading it.

I need to say a huge thank you to my friends for helping me out. If you want to participate on the next blog posts let me know through my instagram or email.

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