I was very interested to see what it is that makes us chose our profession. For me it was always easy cause I knew from a very young age that I wanted to become a doctor. I was asked so many times why I wanted it and that question was making me very uncomfortable cause I didn’t have an answer and I think I still don’t . It was always a feeling, something was telling me that this is for me and in the end I’ ll be happy.

So, I’ve talked with my friends and asked them what made them choose what they are studying and here is what I got:

  1. Maria, Why MEDICINE? – Plovdiv Medical University

“Medicine is for those who cannot imagine doing anything else”. This is definetely the reason I chose medicine. In medicine, we are studying because we want to save lives… everything else is secondary. Always have in mind that hard work pays off and keep going on no matter what!”

2. Despina, Why DEPARTMENT OF FRENCH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE?– Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

” Every summer I was going to Kalymnos as my family owns a restaurant at the beach and French people were coming for vacation. I was really fascinated by the French language although I couldn’t understand anything. I always wanted to understand what those French people were saying and at the age of 16 I got really stubborn to learn French so that I could also speak fluently with them.
The reason I chose to study French Language and Literature was to learn in depth the French language so I could communicate fluently with French people. At this point I love the French language.”

3. Stelios, Why ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING?- University of Cyprus

” I’m interested a little and it has financial success ”

4. Robin, Why HOTEL MANAGEMENT? – University of Rhodes

”I chose to study Hotel Management because we have a great tourism University at Rhodes so I new I would be in good hands!
I believe that tourism studies provide you a fast and great access to a job, at least in Greece!
As I live in Rhodes, most jobs n Rhodes are connected to tourism , so I thought I could easily find a job!”

5. Celina, Why MODEL & MEDICINE?

”I want to study medicine because i think it is interesting, and I ‘ll need it so as to study psyciatry. Getting discovered as a model was pure chance so I never really wanted to be a model. Why I keep modeling is because I like it even though it can be challenging, and I get to do something that not many people will experience! ”

6. Simos, Why COMPUTER SCIENCE? -European University of Cyprus

”Through my life till now I was always intrigued by things that will make you think. Till the time I had to choose what I want I wasn’t sure what was the best choise for me. At some point I realised that I was pretty good at computer science, because I was seeing it like a puzzle that needed to be solved. I talked to my teacher about it and he advised me to consider Computer science. It is a science that you can find in every field and in my opinion this is the most interesting thing about it! You get to work with many different people and there is a variety of jobs that you can do. I think this was the thing that pulled me towards the computer science. ”

7. Nikos, Why BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATION?– University of Patras 

”I chose this path and field because I believe that it can open many different doors and opportunities for new businesses and career paths.I am very happy and satisfied with my choices and I hope that after I finish my studies in Patras I could use the knowledge I gained and start my own thing and business.”

So here it is! I hope you found it interesting and maybe helpful.

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