This is the first blog post on a series called ”Travel Guide”. I’ ll be showing you what I did to places I visited so you can get an idea of what to expect!

Why nisyros

Nisyros is so underrated! This island is great If you want to relax, enjoy sun, swim to clean water and of course eat well.

What i love most in Nisyros

I love the fact that everyone says Hello to eachother even though they are strangers!

Where to eat

  1. Geusea

This place is amazing! Whatever you pick it will be terrific, trust me!

2. Porta

Go there and just enjoy their desserts!

3. To Balconi Tou Emporiou

The food is great and you get to see the volcano from there.

If you are visiting Nisyros you must go to the volcano as the view is breathtaking.


Pics that didnt get to the gram!

A single blog post won’t show you why this island is beautiful but trust me when you get there you will immediately fall in love!

If you want to see more pics of me check out my instagram! (@alexandra.trianta)

Grateful for you reading it!


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