Let’s talk about mornings!

From a very young age my parents were always telling me to wake up early so I can start my day right. Let me add here that I love sleeping till 12 o’clock and maybe If I could I might would sleep much longer but anyways you get the point. So as you have understood now, what my parents were telling me was very hard for me and pointless to be honest. I prefered sleeping late and waking up late and that was my lifestyle.

My university starts early in the mornig so sometimes I even had to wake up at 6. am. Oh that was a strugle. But I did it! So having that in mind especially in the summer I wanted to sleep as much as possible because I had no big reason to wake up that early.

But I wanted to change that habid so I’ ve decided to take action by waking up early and maybe inspiring someone else to do the same. I’m writing this blog post from a restaurant in nisyros having in front of me a beautiful scenery, the sea.

My plan was simple, wake up early around 7.30 and actually do something. So here is what I did with my sister.

7.30 am: You’ re not going to belive this but I woke up by myself.

7.45 am: got dressed and woke up my sister

8.00 am: we went for a run and the scenery was breathtaking!

9.00 am: Got Back And did my grateful list. If you have no idea what that is read the blog post linked down bellow.

9.15 am: Went outside And read my book.

9.30 am: Decided to have some breakfast And then start my Day.

Well that was a success, I was feeling very alive, grateful and ready to start my day. I hope you will try too! If you do you should definitely contact me and let me know how it went!

Grateful for you reading it!


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