This blog post is a little different from the rest posts cause it is written by others! I’ ve talked to my friends about telling me their top tip they used in college and actually lead them to success. This post doesn’t need a long introduction cause my friends are here to help you! You are welcome.

1.ANDREA, MEDICINE– Plovdiv Medical University , 2ND YEAR

” My motivation to continue although my struggles was and will always be the reason I chose this study. My love for offering to this society, to children and adults who struggle daily to make a living. ”

2. MIKA, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS– University of Nottingham, 2ND YEAR

” Control yourself.
Having to live alone in a different place can be scary or overexciting for some. It is, of course, a new experience and you should make the most out of it. Don’t be too scared, its something that you will eventually do, so try to be more relaxed and comfortable. At the same time don’t go overbroad with what’s called student life and its freedom, you may end up losing yourself or even messing up with your studies. ”

3. MARIETTA, PHYSICAL THERAPY-University of peloponnese, 2ND YEAR

” What really helped me through the first year of college is going to the gym. Exercise clears my mind and makes me feel more energetic after a tough day full of classes. ”

4. MATINA, MEDICINE-Kosice Medical University, 2ND YEAR

” What really helped me to finish successfully the first year of my studies is that everyday I was going at the library with my classmates after every practical lesson and explaining everything so that we all can understand correctly. ”


” Moving away from home and living alone while studying can get hard, especially the first year.
My tip to getting through the year successfully is to have a schedule. What I mean by that is to have things planned out, like cleaning days or exam preparations.
Set reminders for the things you have to get done and plan them out through the day week or month. That way simple things like studying or cleaning get their own time and you have everything under control and enjoy your everyday life. ”

6. ALEXANDRA , DENTAL MEDICINE– Plovdiv Medical University, 5TH YEAR

” Believe in your dreams and have faith for the best ”

Grateful for u reading it.


Thank u girls for helping me!

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