Well that’s hard and I’m sure you feel me.

From a very young age we are kind of forced to know things that we actually weren’t supposed to. I mean we are asked what studies or jobs we are interested in without even knowing who we are or what we want. When we get that figured it out (sort of ) we are asked where we want to do these studies and then what extra degree to get so as to get a job. When we get that box checked out we have to deal with the question whether we want to be married , oh wait you must get married other wise what are you doing in this world and of course the baby is coming next. This is supposed to look like your future planed out even though you are just 20 you know what you will have done till your 40s.

Everything is so planed out even if you don’t aim to. The only issue to that is that half of the times the ” plan” fails.

This happens maybe because you are studying what other people want for you and not what you want for yourself and you just wake up one day feeling anxious not because you don’t know what’s coming and you’ re not ready but because you know exactly what’s coming and you are not excited. In this case you have two options whether to look like you are giving up but actually doing a step towards your real happiness or you just ignore your intuition and keep pushing (can’t say I want to know where that will end).

An other senario could be that you are taught that to feel fulfillment you must create a family and somewhere in the process you just realise that you are not that type of human, men or woman. You feel fulfilled when you are in the hospital as a doctor saving peoples lives or in the classroom educating kids or in a court room defending your clients. You name it.

You know the thing about plans is that first you need to have something for sure like water, food, friends, freedom e.t.c. so you can make a plan. But what happens If everything is up in the air? We all do have some certain things for granted, like a few months ago we obviously could go to a market without a mask but now, you obviously need a mask. We don’t know how the next week will look like and that is not just for me but it’s worldwide. In the business industry they don’t know if there will be any business standing in the end, doctors don’t know if they will have an extremely busy scedule trying to save as many lives as possible, students in school have no idea if they will attend school, students in college are probably hoping to be even considered college students and the list goes on and on.

Having good terms with the unknown means that you have no clue what’s coming and that can be frightening because in the end it might be exciting and hopeful or maybe miserable. It’s hard to just let go of things and accept that you have no power. It is something we all had to face and we are still facing non stop. I can’t say I have succeeded it cause it would be a lie but I have understood that in the end I will find the solution to my problem and I will get stronger by fighting. Possibly the plan that I was creating in my mind was poor and the one I m geting, like it or not, will be terrific in the end.

So maybe, We should all breath, but really breath and stop caring what other people think is right for us because they have no clue and they won’t and actually at the same time we have no clue too but the difference is that we will find out sooner or late cause that will be each individuals story. Your story, not mine, not theirs. Just yours.

Grateful for u  reading it.


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