Things are changing, we are getting older and older, crazy scenarios that we thought never would happen, are actually becoming our new reality. I mean think about coronavirus. We never thought in a million years that the whole world would have to quarantine for a certain period to protect the humankind. But it did happen and hopefully we have learnt something from this experience too.

But for most of us, it is officially summer and that means it is the time of the year to have fun.
I wanted to create this blog post because I strongly believe that somewhere in the process of surviving COVID19 some of us, including me have might forgotten what summer really means. Before I go any further though, I need to remind you that this virus is not gone, it is right between us and we shouldn’t ignore it.
So the title says it all: Get everything out of summer.
And this is what you should do!
Meet your friends and just be present, create memories with them cause this is what matters in the end.
Take a digital vacation. Limit your cell phone use to what is absolutely necessary. You will probably notice things that you usually weren’t.
Go for walks in nature and breath fresh air, go for an early swim or a late one.
To be honest, I don’t think it matters what you will do, but what it matters is if you will do something out of love. Use your summer wisely, enjoy it to the fullest because it will be over before you know it.
Grateful for u  reading it.
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